Your composter working in less than 20 minutes!


Easy Set Up and maintenance


Indoor worm farm system, odor free

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The most ecologic choice

Step 1. Set Up.

  • Screw all four legs into the base container.
  • Adjust the faucet on the bottom of the base container.
  • Place the textile grid inside the base container.
  • You can leave only the first tray that is going to be the one you use for now. You can leave the second tray or reserve it in another place when the first one is full.

Step 2. The bed for your worms.

  • It is placed in the first tray of the composter and can be made with the cardboard cutouts that come inside the box with your order. You just have to cut them into strips and moisten them with water.
  • Next, place the worms directly on the bed.

Step 3. Feed your worm friends.

  • Let them get used to their new home a couple of days before feeding them.
  • Then, place a bit of your sliced vegetable remains in a part of the tray and wait for them to eat everything to get more again.
  • Go saving all your daily remains in a boat (also throw a few leaves that you can collect from the park) so that when you go to throw it is already past and more appetizing, take less to eat it all.
  • Little by little you can increase the amount of food you can deposit.

Step 4. Basic checks.

They are very simple and will not take you more than 5-10 minutes a week:

  • Check the humidity and temperature level. The temperature of your home will fluctuate throughout the year, but keep in mind that earthworms work in optimal conditions between 14º-27º. The humidity should be close to 80%, although if you feed them with vegetable remains, you will not have to worry too much about the humidity.
  • Check that the composter is well closed, the worms are very sensitive to light.

Step 5. Remove "worm tea" and the compost. 

  • To obtain the "worm tea", open the tap located at the bottom.
  • When you see that the tray is almost full, stop feeding on it and place the second tray with food. The worms will start moving to the second tray by themselves or you can help them and move a part of the worms to the upper tray.
  • Finally, pick up the vermicompost of the first tray, use it as you wish. Wash the tray with running water and reserve it for when you fill the tray you just placed.