We have a vegan style and we try to generate as little waste as possible. On our way to "zero waste" we find that most of our remains are of vegetable origin and we asked ourselves the following questions ... where do all these waste go? What is done with them ?, and most importantly, what impact does it have for the planet?

We find that organic waste constitutes between 40% and 50% of the waste that is generated daily in a city; and that in addition, its collection and treatment in a landfill is tremendously expensive and gives rise to negative environmental consequences derived from its accumulation, treatment or incineration.

So, how can we reduce the impact of this organic waste living in the city?

We discovered that the best alternative was composting at home, that is, transforming in a natural way the organic waste we generate into a valuable resource to feed our plants and urban garden.

We quickly went in search and capture of a composter that we could use inside the kitchen, always at hand, that did not occupy much space and that aesthetically was not a "contraption".

Et voilà! After much searching, we find an indoor domestic composter that responds to all our needs with great aesthetics and design.

We know that more and more people are in the process of leading a Zero Residue life, so this vermicomposter can be useful to all those who, like us, live in the city and do not have a garden or terrace.

For all these reasons, we believe that we have the wonderful responsibility to spread this alternative by encouraging more and more people to bet on a more sustainable and respectful lifestyle with the planet.

Mer and Jesús - Compostadora Urbana founders.

Mer and Jesús - Compostadora Urbana founders.


is to facilitate a composting system that suits your needs in the city, within your apartment, apartment, room, office ... where the space you have is small and you are not willing or willing to give up aesthetics, or put a "dirty" container that generates bad odors.


is to help you reduce this pollution footprint with a positive impact on the planet and become a part of a Zero Waste lifestyle that more and more people are joining.